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The 19th ERSCP encourages event sustainability among its participants and took action to organise a sustainable event through diverse initiatives. On this webpage, you can find what you can do to contribute to a sustainable event with low carbon emissions.


Barcelona is easily accessible by train from various places in Europe, besides it has a well-built metro network and a bike-sharing system. The conference venue, Polytechnic University of Catalonia is easily accessible by public transport such Metro, Bus and Tram (consult here the transport network for more information). The 19th ERSCP strongly encourages attendees to use public transport. The city centre of Barcelona is easily reachable on foot; you can have a walk through the beautiful historic city and avoid CO2 emissions at the same time.

The majority of participants of the ERSCP 2019 come from all over the world. While some of them have taken action, choosing more sustainable traveling alternatives, air mobility is still the first travel option. The ERSCP 2019 offers a voluntary CO2 Compensation Program. It proposes two projects’ options aimed at enhancing the conservation of local biodiversity that can be voted by conference attendees during a plenary session October 17th.


Throughout the organization of the 19th ERSCP, and during the conference, organisers will try to communicate digitally as much as possible, minimizing paper use. When printing is necessary, organisers have selected printing services on 100% recycled paper. The change starts with oneself. The venue is equipped with recycling points developed by the project ‘UPC Recircula’ to separate organic, plastic, paper wastes.

The participants are strongly encouraged to bring and re-use lanyards from other events to use with the 19th ERSCP accreditation card. Furthermore, in order to avoid plastic waste, we strongly recommend bringing a reusable bottle to be refilled at UPC drinking fountains. Please help us ensuring a more sustainable event.

Sustainable Consumption

The 19th ERSCP encourages all the participants to practice sustainable consumption. For the daily catering different sustainability aspects have been considered applying the principles of sustainable consumption, starting from the cooperation with external local caterers. To achieve this, during the conference UPC commits to collaborate with local enterprises that ensure fair working conditions to its personnel. ERSCP 19 will offer vegetarian catering services elaborated with “zero kilometre” and organic, locally produced and with seasonal ingredients